Strength Training


Gluteal Tendinopathy - What a pain in the bum!

Gluteal Tendinopathy is a common condition that causes pain in the buttock and hip which can often travel down your leg. This can be from irritation of the hip tendons from doing too much too soon, or too little for too long, which causes them to become painful. Managing this condition should start with avoiding any aggravating activities, settling the pain, then slowly building the strength and endurance of the tendons.

Andre Luton
September 13, 2022
Exercise Physiology

Up your exercise from home game with an Accredited Exercise Physiologist!

Keeping fit during the lockdown is important for our physical and mental wellbeing but when the exercises start getting repetitive and boring, it's time to get some help. Our Exercise Physiologists at Dural Health can put together fun, challenging, and unique programs to help people lose weight, strengthen and condition their bodies, and manage many health conditions.

Jennifer Bennett
September 21, 2020

Back at the gym now, and feel you've lost all those gains? Remember to "De-Load"!

Many gym goers are now returning to the gym and realising they just can't lift or do things at the same level they were before. You're not alone!

Adam van der Wielen
September 21, 2020

Stretching your neck not working anymore?

Whilst stretching the neck can help temporarily, many people are unaware that strengthening the muscles of the neck and shoulder (with bands, weights, and even head stands) can actually help reduce neck pain and stop it from coming back.

Brian Tran
September 21, 2020