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Up your exercise from home game with an Accredited Exercise Physiologist!

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Jennifer Bennett

The Benefits of Exercise

As our lockdown has been extended, keeping fit for our physical and mental wellbeing is becoming more and more important. Physically, exercise helps us maintain a healthy body weight and reduce the risk of many chronic conditions and injuries like back pain, osteoarthritis, diabetes, and heart disease. Exercise also has benefits on our mental health too, with improved memory, better focus, sharper thinking skills, improved sleep, reduced stress and anxiety, and even prevention against depression and other mental health conditions.

Exercise is great for keeping your body healthy, strong, and preventing chronic health conditions.

Exercising at Home

Exercise should always be fun, challenging, and varied so your body doesn't get bored of it (imagine eating the same meal every day!). As we are staying home during this lockdown, the options for exercise are quite limited. This is where at good Accredited Exercise Physiologist can help.

At Mt Kuring-Gai Health, our Exercise Physiologist Jennifer Bennett can put together a fun, challenging, and different program for people staying at home, so you can continue to reach your health goals. These programs could be a strength and conditioning program with some simple weights, a high intensity interval training (HIIT) program on your treadmill or exercise bike, or even a simple body weight program with squats, burpees, and mountain climbers!

Mountain climbers are a great exercise you can do at home to keep fit!

Need some Equipment?

With the gyms closed, performing resistance exercises can be tough. We have access to a variety of suppliers who stock weights, bands, exercise mats, exercise bikes, squat racks, and olympic weights! If you require or would like to upgrade your home gym, speak to us and we can happily help you source what you need.

If you live in the Mount Kuring-Gai, Mount Colah, Hornsby, or Berowra area and would like to find out more about how an Exercise Physiologist can help you, make an appointment with Jennifer Bennett who consults on Wednesdays by calling 02 9457 7588 or booking in online.

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